I got contacted by Gill Thomas (Owner at CAIATL – Custom Assembly & Installation) for a website redesign project. I have known Gill for a while and we have worked together on various development projects. He has been a great client and I have enjoyed working with him. He actually came over to my house and assembled a bed in quick time that I purchased from IKEA. While he was working on it, we started discussing his website. After he was done with the assembly needless to say that I was very happy with the finished product, we sat down and I showed him some ideas that I had in mind for his business. He liked the ideas and I started working on them. I truly believe that Gill is IKEA Certified Atlanta Firniture Assembly Expert and I am very happy & excited to be a part of this project. Feel free to check out the website live at www.caiatl.com. The website has special Assembly and Shopping Scheduling pages with forms to make it easier for Customers to schedule Service 24 X 7.

Gill provided the content of the site, so I can get started on the home page. I used WordPress, provided Consulting on various WordPress themes and what can be customized. We wanted to keep a consistent look and feel with the branding on CA & I. We picked up a premium WordPress theme and I customized most aspects of it to provide a matching Color Scheme that goes will with the brand. The site is 100% Responsive and looks Awesome on Mobile Screens. Here are a few screenshots of the home page.

www.caiatl.com is the IKEA Certified Atlanta Furniture Assembly Expert. They provide assembly and installation services in Atlanta at reasonable rates

The homepage has “Revolution Slider” Integrated to provide a responsive full width SlideShow with Overlay Text Options. I tested Layer Slider and Revolution Slider and Revolution Slider worked better with the WordPress Theme.

Atlanta Furniture Assembly IKEA Expert

The three blurbs on the homepage are connected to the Services page. Atlanta Furniture Assembly Expert Services page has different categories like Retail, Institutional, Commercial and Residential. Since CA & I provides Assembly and Installation services in different Areas this provides some detail on Services offered in various areas. The layout is done using Responsive Columns so it works on your Smartphones ! Here is a screenshot.

CAIATL - Services

Next is the Contact Page. I wanted to go with a nice and clean layout with a Contact Form and embedded Google map for driving directions and ease of use for the user !

Atlanta Furniture Assembly Contact

The website has an integrated blog aimed to provide the latest updates, product information, Furniture Assembly Tips and tricks from the Atlanta Furniture Assembly Expert himself ! We will try to make it as simple as possible for you. I can use some more furniture assembly Tips, Looking forward to the blog.