I had the opportunity to wotk with Debra Cole on her website booklearnin.com Debra gave me a wireframe and described what she was looking for her website to do. She described in detail about the podcast functionality that she wanted to integrate and the ability to post Essays, Book recommendations, ability to accept Donation and subscribe to the MailChimp list. I carefully went over the requirement with Debra and research the solutions that could work for us. Eventually we went with blubbry as the podcast engine and integrated it with our WordPress Theme. I also integrated the site with MailChimp that Debra used for her list marketing and we use paypal as the choice for recurring donations.

All in all it was great fun working with Debra. I went over all the set up and design with her in detail sharing my screen. Debra is also happy with the solution provided to her. Here is what she states:

Asad Siddiqi constructed my Word Press Blog that includes a podcast.  He’s a straight forward, nuts & bolts coder who is thorough, attentive, and responsive. He’s also efficient and reasonable. I very much appreciate his professionalism and no nonsense style. –Debra Cole

Here are some pictures from the project for you to look at: