How to Migrate WordPress Website ?

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Moving Wordpress websites can be a tricky task. There are many Steps that you need to follow and make sure everything is working. In this post I will discuss details and options on "How to Migrate Wordpress Website".  I will discuss various options, tools, techniques and resources that will help you migrating your wordpress blog [...]

How to Customize a WordPress Website

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Many times my clients discuss about customization and looking at a wordpress theme demo, it is difficult for them to figure out what aspects of the theme can be easily customized. This post will be a short tutorial on How to Customize a Wordpress Website and website design in general. Most Design Elements are Defined [...]

Woo Commerce Checkout Page Hangs

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I worked on a problem regarding Woo Commerce and Internet Explorer. My client complained that the Woo Commerce Checkout Page Hangs and goes blank and the customer cannot check out. I tested and tested and did not see a problem. On testing the sites with various browsers finally I was able to see the problem. It [...]

Small Business Website Design in Atlanta

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IDesignSmart is the leading provider of small business website design in Atlanta. We offer affordable and professional website development that is responsive, easy to mantain, hassle free and exactly what your small business is looking for. Are you a small business owner, looking to maximize your web presence and not breaking your bank ? Contact [...]

Udesign wordpress theme

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We have extensive experience with Design and Customization of the Responsive Udesign wordpress theme. We will offer a special discount if you are interested in this theme. Its a great wordpress widgetized theme with a lot of powerful features and easy to develop. If you are looking for someone to customize Udesign wordpress theme for [...]

WordPress Consulting in Atlanta

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IDesignSmart offers premium Wordpress Consulting in Atlanta at a very affordable price. We can do everything from providing assistance to you in selecting a premium wordpress theme to customizing it to your needs. Wordpress Theme Selection We provide excellent wordpress consulting for wordpress themes. Talk to us about what aspects of the theme can be [...]

Custom WordPress Services in Atlanta

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IDesignsmart offers custom wordpress services in Atlanta. If you are looking for designing a website for your business, search engine optimization, tweaking your website for minor tweaks, navigation and menu, custom plugins and widgets you have come to the right place. We proudly offer our custom wordpress services in Atlanta at a very affordable cost. [...]

Mobile Web Design Considerations

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Very frequently I get queries from customers regarding Mobile Web Design and they tell me that they are a small business looking to expand their portfolio and services online. It is very understandable and every small business needs a great smartphone and mobile presence. A Neat and clean mobile website designed specifically for Smartphones using [...]