I designed and developed a Completely Responsive Website for NW-BIO. This page has the screenshots of various pages. I did custom CSS Styles for Mobile. The site uses CSS 3, Media Queries and custom layout. I was provided with complete requirements and by looking at the draft prototype provided, I selected a WordPress theme and customized it completely.

The site is live, up and running at http://www.nwbio.com/

Here are some screenshots that displays the Desktop view and the mobile view of this completely responsive website:

The homepage consists of a custom layout with a logo, slider with 3 slides, multiple columns layouts. In the responsive view the columns transforms to a single column design. A Liquid grid is used to achieve this effect:

Responsive Home Page - NWBIO

Homepage on Iphone

The Website also has Custom Page Templates to display Stock Exchange Related Data. A Web-Service is used to retrieve the Data. The Data returned contains html tables. I defined Media queries and Custom CSS to the page templates to design these pages for the Mobile Layout:

Responsive View Website
Completely Responsive Website - NWBO[/one_half_last]

The Site has a professional look and feel and I have used Full width pages for laying out content. This was a part of the clear requirements conveyed to me by the team. The site also has embedded Google Maps and a Contact Form that can send emails to multiple email addressed based on selection in a drop down.

Responsive Web Design Atlanta

Responsive Contact Page

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