How to build a free WordPress Website 2017

In this Powerful Tutorial I will show you How to build a free WordPress Website that looks and feel like a $2500 Website. I will use all the best free tools available and you do not need to do anything other than replacing the content. I am sure you will like the design and the layout of the WordPress Website. How I can be so sure is because I have had experience of building over 200 WordPress Websites as a free lancer.

My tutorial is not dependent on what hosting company you use. If you already have hosting and a domain then you can simply skip this and skip the next step where I use my Hosting Account to Install WordPress. I will use my SiteGround hosting account.

Selecting a Good Web Hosting Company is important for your website. I recommend SiteGround Hosting because I love the performance, WordPress Tools and pricing. You can get a trial for a month and try it for yourself. They also will give you a free domain. You can purchase SiteGround Hosting here and set it up like I show in the Video.

If you like to use Host Gator instead, you can use purchase Host Gator Hosting here. You can use Coupon code SMARTPENNY100 to get the first month for a penny or IDESIGN35 for a 35% discount.

Awesome, Now that you have Domain and Hosting, Lets Install WordPress on it. It is as simple as clicking a button and my video shows you exactly how. Please watch the video at XX:YY. Here are the steps:

  • Log On to SiteGround Account
  • The second tab is “My Accounts”. Click on it
  • Click on the Orange Button “Go To Cpanel”. Click on “Proceed” if a Pop up message is displayed
  • Your CPANEL will be displayed. Simply scroll down to “WordPress Tools” and Click on the “WordPress Installer”
  • WordPress Installation Page will be displayed. At the bottom, simply click on Install Now.
  • Fill out the installation form. I am selecting http for the protocol, slecting my domain from the drop down, leaving the installation directory empty for installing to the domain. Provide a Site Name, description and do not select “Enable Multisite”
  • Fill out the admin Account detail. Please Write the username, password and use a valid email that you can check. This is what you will use to log in to your WordPress Website.
  • Do not select any Plugins or Themes and click on Install. A progress bar will be displayed and at the end you will be able to access the backend (management dashboard) of your WordPress Installation.

Follow the steps in the video to import the Installation and Sample Content

This step is shown in the Video.

Feel free to contact me if you need any customization or support.


Checkout the important Resources that will greatly help you understand the Be Theme and its Option Panel.

Get SiteGround Hosting and a free Domain:

I would rather get Host Gator Hosting:


Beaver Builder Full Demo and Pricing

Free High Quality Graphics

Hire Me To Do your Website:

I understand that a lot of my audience is busy and do not have the time to do it themselves. I offer all WordPress Services at an affordable rate and high quality. Hire me to customize your website!

What is this WordPress Website Made Out Of?

Your WordPress website is made out of the best Free Theme that WordPress Repository has to offer. I have used the Sydney theme and the reason I use the Sydney theme is because it makes your website look like a $2500 straight away. I have carefully set up the theme, the child theme, wrote essential CSS to Customize your WordPress website and installed some of the best and must have plugins that you need and will use over a period of time.

How Can you make such a site under 30 minutes?

I was carefully analyzing some of the Tutorials that are available on YouTube. Some are good and some are bad. The problem is that it is a lot of work for a free WordPress website and you dont have to do the work if someone has already done it. You should be able to simply utilize it. I have designed my tutorial so you will be able to simply import my work FREE and since the site is made of free theme and tools , you will be able to completely own the site.

What is included ?

Included with the website are some of the best plugins known to WordPress and some attractive layouts for the different pages available. I have created the homepage, About, Services, Contact and a Blog Page. I have also set up the “Sydney” Child Theme so you do not have to do absolutely anything. Here is a list of Plugins:

  • Sydney WordPress Theme
  • Sydney Child Theme – Customized
  • Contact Form 7
  • Yoast SEO
  • Tiny MCE For Visual Editing
  • Backup Plugin
  • Beautiful Stock Photographs
  • Visual Builder which I will show in my video.
  • No knowledge of CSS or HTML needed

Is there any cost to build this Website?

Everything is FREE, Every tool I use is FREE, My Tutorial is FREE and the support I will provide to you is FREE. Simply leave a comment on the video and I will get right back with you. The only cost is the domain and hosting which is the bare minimum if you want to have an online website. Rest, everything is FREE.

Why Am I recommending SiteGround Hosting?

Because I personally use SiteGround and I love it. It is not because I am their hosting affiliate. To be honest I am a Hosting affiliate with every big hosting company out there but I like SiteGround the best value of the money on all my hosting accounts and I am honest in my reviews.

Download the Installation File With Demo Content: