When your potential customers go to your business profile on Facebook, what is the first thing they notice ? The first chance for you to make a positive and lasting impression is to have a aesthetically pleasing cover photos a.k.a facebook banners. In this post I will share some tips, tricks and what to avoid for Effective facebook cover photos. I will write this from the perspective of a small business owners who do not have the resources to hire branding companies. This is really common knowledge but I want to have everything in a checklist to help you create Effective facebook cover photos. So lets jump right into it.

Dimensions are super important:

At the time of creating this post the dimensions published by facebook are:

  • 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall for desktop
  • 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile

You definitely do not want your images to be smaller than this otherwise they will be stretched and look funky.

Be Consistent with your branding:

You want to keep the cover photo crisp, clean and use colors for text and background that go well with the overall branding (logo/website) of your small business. A short text message on the banner or cover photo is good but writing a long copy is definitely not something I like to go with.

Use Video to your advantage:

Facebook now has the feature to publish a video for business pages. Video can be a very effective and visually pleasing way to grab a visitor’s attention and convey your message in a short time. Here is the spec:

  • Your FaceBook cover video should be at least 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall.
  • Your FaceBook cover video can be 20 to 90 seconds long.

Always Check on Mobile

It is a great idea to always verify that everything looks cool on the mobile.

Draw Attention towards Call to Action

It is a good idea to draw your visistor’s information towards the Call to Action Buttons right under the banner. They can esentially be used as effective conversion mechanisms for someone who is looking for your product and service.

At IDesignSmart we offer Social Media Services for small business owners at an attractive price. From creating personalized banners, Facebook cover photos,  Instagram posts and covers, Logos and your business profile on Social Media, we make your company look professional. Contact us to get started

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