This is a small video tutorial on Header Customization using the Avada Theme. Avada is a feature rich WordPress Theme and there are many options, tips and tricks that you can use to customize the header area. I wanted to make this post as a lot of my clients want to know how to customize the header area in the Avada Theme. I will explore the available options styles, the header options and What are your options if you want to put more stuff in the header. We will also discuss the Primary Menus, Scondary Menus and the header content Options that the theme provides.

Although there are ways to modify the header content in any WordPress theme using functions.php or header.php with a Child Theme, I specifically wanted to focus on Avada theme since most of my clients use the Avada Theme and I already have a lot of content on my YouTube channel on WordPress Theme Avada. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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