This article will have all the detail and written step by step instructions on “How to Build a Free WordPres Website 2018“. I have made a lot of different videos and tutorials about various topics in WordPress. I made a video last year which was “How to Build a Free WordPres Website 2017“. I called that the Game Changer. You can check it out here. There is nothing wrong with the game changer and I still believe that it is a Game Changer. I wanted to explore a different theme and a different “WYSISIG” (Visual) editor for this website. I came across a free Visual Builder for WordPress called the “Elementor” and I found it to work great. It is lightweight, fast, feature rich and makes editing your website a breeze and to be honest a lot of fun.

I used the Tool (Elementor) with the free WordPress theme (Ocean WP) to come up with the site. As you can see in the video you can get a fairly decent WordPress website in aroun 30 minutes time. You will have full control on the content and various style elements. I will cover how to edit various screen elements and style them with Elementor in the Video.

You can look at my YouTube Video for Video instructions and I am documenting all the steps over here for audience who likes to follow written documentation. Also because things can change in a WordPress Theme so in that case to update the Video is challenging. It is just easier to update the written instructions.

Step 1: Set up WordPress on Your Hosting Account:

Before I write anything about this, let me tell you that the most important factor that will determine your website’s performance is your hosting. There is a lot of difference in different hosting companies. The hands down best Shared Hosting that I have used is SiteGround Hosting. I am not saying that because I am an affiliate with SiteGround. I am an affiliate with almost every hosting company out there but I only recommend what I have used and for Good Reason. Some of the Reasons that I like SiteGround and dont find these things available on other hosting services is the usage of PHP 7, Excellent Support, Highly configured Servers (With Solid State Drives and high RAM), high default Memory configuration of WordPress Instances, Ton of WordPress tools, 1 click Installers, Free SSL Certificates and to top it all, an affordable price. If you are reading this in time for Holiday sales you will get a 70% discount by simply following my link here. 

The steps I list to install WordPress are based on SiteGround’s CPANEL and shown in my video. You can feel free to follow along and skip the steps if you are using another hosting company and have your WordPress Instance Installed.

Step 2: Download my Installation File

Once you have a WordPress Instance Installed, you can simply download free the Import File below. You can save it to your computer

Step 3. Import my Installation File

Now you simply need to import my installation file. I show that in the video at timestamp on YouTube

Step 4: Customize your site with Elementor and the Visual Tools:

Please follow the video from


Further Customization:

This website is built with the tools that are totally free and can be customized in any way you like.

If you would like to incorporate slider in the header you can use a premium Slider plugin or use the free Smart Slider 3 plugin.

You can extend this to be a membership site with Membership plugins or ECommerce site with WooCommerce plugin.

Need Professional Help:

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