Contact Form 7 is a great and neat plugin. I love the simplicity and ease that if offers to developers. Simply install a plugin and create a Form. It even gives you a simple form to get you started. Sure there are things that you need some knowledge about HTML, SMTP, POP3 etc to make it work exactly like you want to but the plugin is beautiful and will allow you to do many things if you know how to find your way around.

The two things that Contact Form 7 plugin lacks is the limited UI Support (Yeah, you cannot drag and drop stuff and change the colors on how your form looks like, but if you know a little CSS then pretty much you can style your forms however you like. However styling the forms is for another day. I will focus on “How to Integrate Contact Form 7 with Paypal Buy Now Buttons?”. This post explains the technical background on php form submits and URLS. I will try to explain the basics on the idea and what happens in the background. If you are interested Read on !

Many developers use Gravity Forms because it markets itself as being easy to Integrate with Payment Platforms. I have even seen Gravity Forms being used as workaround for E-Commerce Platform because of its options. It certainly does offer you these options but like everything else in Software Development, the more support something offers, the less customiz-able it becomes. With Contact Form 7, the possibilities to come up with something custom are more.

For this short article, you definitely need two things. Contact Form 7 Installed on your wordpress website. Before you go about making any changes, Configure a simple (default) Contact Form and test it to make sure that you are not having any hosting trouble and emails can go through the system.

How does Contact Form 7 or any other Mailing Plugin Work

Basically the plugin uses a simple html “form” and there is a submit button that will submit to a php page. The great thing about the plugin is it gives you a location to execute some php code in the interface without having to make any modification to the Core ! Great Work and well thought out. After installing the Contact Form 7 Plugin, if you create a new form and scroll down you will see the section “Additional Headers” where you can put some php code to execute when the form is successfully submitted.Integrating Buy Now Contact Form 7

How can I submit my page to paypal

Simply add the code to redirect the user to your payapal payment link after successful submit. Bleepingtech actually made a nice tutorial on the topic. I wish I had seen this before digging around this and wasting 4 hours of my life. Too bad, cannot undo it ! You can check out the article at The idea is to redirect the user to paypal payment link with the specific button ID of the pay now or add to cart button. You could redirect to a “Thank You” page or to “Google”. However, I dont see much sense on why you would redirect to Google ? Just because you can!

I hope you found my article useful on “How to Integrate Contact Form 7 with Paypal Buy Now Buttons”. Let me know if you need assistance or have a complex business requirement for your website. I love complexity !