In this video I will share how to use the awesome BeTheme header builder. A lot of times you want to customize the header of a WordPress site without having to modify the header.php in a child theme or without extensive css. Muffin Group has made it extremely simple using the tool. Anyone can modify and customize the BeTheme Header area using visual Be Theme Header Builder Tool. Currently the tool is released bundled in with the theme and you require to register the theme to install it. It is offered as a Beta Plugin at the time of writing this post but in the video I will go over the tool and how to install it and how it is linked with the other Header Options and style. You can customize the header area now simply by drag and drop.

At IDesignSmart we offer Customization Services for small business owners at an attractive price. From creating personalized experiences, and customizing the Powerful WordPress Themes from Envato Studio we are your one stop solution to design and mantain your WordPress site.

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