I recently got contacted by Joanne O’Malley all the way from Dublin, Ireland and she told me that she has been working on her website “Mindfulness At Work”. Joanne offers Workplace Mindfulness and Meditation programmes in Ireland and based on the testimonials it is highly effective !

She saw one of my videos with WordPress U-Design Theme and asked me if I can help getting the site live the same week. The reason being a article in a newspaper featuring Joanne’s work. Joanne had done a lot of the essential work already and had moved a lot of content from her previous website.

You can check the live website at Mindfulness At Work

I helped Joanne with the Page Layouts, setting up the slider, the format of the Homepage, the menu, the footer and various other Customizations like integrating social Media and other plugins for her site. We worked together over the week using “WebEx” calls and it was a great and very pleasant experience working with Joanne !

Here is a peek at the Website :



Responsive View of the Homepage on an Iphone:



Here is the IPAD View:



Here is the Programs Page:




Here is the page about Mindfulness Courses: