A Video Is Worth a Thousand Pages

I started out really small and most of my WordPress Projects came from Craigslist and Freelancer. Working extensively with code, I have always been a huge fan of code level documentation and tutorials. They save developers a lot of time and effort by putting it out there and make things simple for others to use. I created a YouTube tutorial that became very popular and I got a lot of projects from it. I believe in making very sincere tutorials focusing on the basics, talking about various options and configurations that are hidden in the theme. This page showcases my videos that you can also find on YouTube. Most of my clients are smart business people who can easily do this on their own but simply do not have the time to do it.
That is where my services come in. They already feel confident in my ability to work with the tools that I talk about on their site and usually they are the best clients to work with. That is the reason I continue to add more and more videos and make my sincere effort to discuss the key secrets of the trade.

Have a lot of custom functionality planned for your business?

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By the way there is no special purpose of adding a YouTube player here. This is simply for aesthetic purposes and also I wanted to throw in an image because it is considered a good practice for Search Engine Optimization. This is smily the page for my Popular WordPress Videos On YouTube. We also offer SEO Services for your WordPress Website with the YOAST plugin and can help you do Video Optimization for your YouTube Channel as well. Contact us here.

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