We offer Professional Web design and development in Atlanta. We take pride in providing high quality Affordable Web Design Services to small businesses. We provide a range  of  Services from Customizing Web Templates, social media integration to your website to designing custom Web Applications. Schedule your free consultation.

Web and Logo Design for Small Business:

At iDesignSmart we provide affordable, high value website and logo design services. We follow the step by step process of Professional Web design and development from start to finish. Whether you are a local flower shop, a spa or simply selling some services we can design an attractive template for you that will give your business a pleasant web presence. Yes, we can put the map right where it needs to be and configure your email and price quotes to be delivered right to your inbox. If you are a small business in the Atlanta Area and not technology savvy “leave it to us”. From template design to doing high quality w3c compliant work we have Search Engines in our minds. We carefully design your content to make you as searchable as possible and give you the required edge. All our work is standard and cross browser compliant.

Sleek Portfolios and Slideshows:

Whether you are an up and coming artist and want to provide an attractive portfolio to your visitors or just want to set up a super sleek gallery of your trip to Europe  we can provide the perfect slideshows using the latest and greatest of what technology has to offer.We excel with AJAX based photo frameworks like Lighbox, DOJO, Prototype and Visual Light box. Contact us with your requirement and we will provide you with your lowest quote with a Price and Satisfaction Guarantee in the Atlanta and Atlanta Metro Area.

Template Customization and Graphics Sevices:

Have you seen a template online that you like but want to customize based on what you have to offer ? We will do it for you. With our experts in HTML5, CSS3JavaScript we can customize web templates quick and easy at the most affordable price. You purchase the template, provide us with a zip file, provide the content and the images and leave the rest to us. iDesignSmart Template customization is top notch and a great value to our customers. IDesignsmart provides complete Professional Web design and development, services for all your web design needs.

WordPress Customization For Small Businesses:

A lot of small businesses today are moving to Content Management Websites as opposed to their own website. At iDesignSmart we believe that its all about our customers and their business requirements. We have the technology expertise that will let you thrive. Many customers like to update their own website and update content and new offerings. We are all for it. We can set it all up for you. Feel free to Contact us for your free consultation and your lowest quote ever ! We can discuss WordPress customization, plugins, themes and the low costs with search engine optimization options.

Social Media Integration

We integrate social media into your web design. With features like Facebook Likes, Twitter, Retweet, Digg, Stumble, buzz and feedburner you will have social media integrated with your website in no time. Share your content with millions of users on facebook and spread the word around about your small business. For Professional Web design and development Contact us today !

Search Engine Optimization Service

We provide State of the art Search Engine Optimization Services at a fraction of a cost of any SEO firm in Atlanta. We follow a simple 10 step process that starts from target keywords, content analysis and then examine your design to be standard to provide a fast load time by following all the search engine guidelines from Bing and Google. From Sitemaps to meta tags, title and Social Media Integration we follow each step to provide Professional Web design and development of modern professional and affordable services.