Are you ready to set up your online ECommerce based EStore for your business ?

It does not matter what you are looking to sell, it can be T Shirts, Video games, Custom Windows or downloadable media, IDesignSmart has a solution for you. We build powerful, effective and state of the art E Commerce websites at a very affordable rate. We follow every guideline for modern ECommerce Web design to provide you with an effective and state of the art ECommerce solution.
All E-Commerce websites and webdesigns are different but they have a lot of features in common. Firstly you will notice on any successful E-Commerce website that it is focused, its primary focus is to sell products to a customer and it creates an environment that is pleasing and secure for the potential customer. Contact us today for our ECommerce Web design services and wordpress premium ECommerce Theme Customization.

What are the features of good ECommerce Web design ?

There are a number of features that are key to good ECommerce Web design. We think Search, Multiple Product views, Shipping Quotes,Shopping Cart Smooth Checkout, Cross Selling, Purchase history, Promotions/Offers and Security are some of them and we will briefly describe each of them:


A user should be able to search for items available for purchase. This can be made easy by Product Categories, keywords and tags. Also on the Product page other relevant products from the same Category , tag or keyword should appear which essentially gives the potential customer more options and choices. It is no secret that leading E Commerce Websites like Ebay and Amazon invest heavily on technology to make the product page more relevant and pitch more products to the customer with bundling offers. We make search fast and relavant. This is certainly a feature of good ECommerce Web design.

Multiple Product Views:

On the home page or the featured page there is a list of items that the customer might be interested in. On Clicking on a featured product the Details page is displayed where the customer has the option to customize various attributes like size, design, color and other options. The more attractive your product view page is the better would be your conversion rate.

Shopping Cart

This needs no description. Customers should be able to add products to their shopping cart with a click of a button. It should be instant and fast. The shopping cart should be visible at all times and on clicking it the customer should be taken to a Shopping Cart Detail page that clearly explains the products, product attributes and the amount customer would be asked for when checking out.

Cross Selling

Cross selling has pretty much become a norm in E Commerce websites. On buying any item from an E Commerce site customer should be provided with multiple products that go well with the item. This can be easily achieved by assigning well defined Categories, Tags and keywords for the products. Studies show that a customers buying a product are much more likely to purchase similar products or complimentary products that go well with their purchase. This is called Suggested Selling in the E Commerce World.

Promotions and Offers

No E Commerce website is complete without Promotions and Offers. Typically the homepage of small to mid-sized E Commerce websites should display the Newly Added Products, Featured Products and On Sale Products. It is likely that a Customer decides to stay or leave looking at the featured products. The landing page has to be aesthetically appealing as well as functional for higher conversion rates.

Application Security and Stability:

Our E Commerce use state of the art, powerful scripting languages like PHP and ASP.Net with trusted frameworks and Databases to make it fast, powerful and secure for customers. We consider ourselves Woo Commerce Experts and have extensive experience with WordPress based E Commerce themes and plugins. All the mentioned functions on this page come standard in our E Commerce package at a super affordable price.

How do I add Products, Categories and change prices after Website is complete ?

Typically its as simple as clicking a mouse button. You will have a complete Interface to your E Commerce website. You would be able to add new products, edit their description and prices, add images, put them on sale or update inventory without ours or any other web developers intervention. We provide Video Tutorials tailored for our clients on how to maintain their websites.

Because we are an Atlanta based company, we would be happy to visit your small business and provide a personal consultation. Your Website will provide comprehensive Sales Reports and complete control on the inventory and let you focus on your business by providing state of the art functionality. Contact us today for a free quote and free consultation and we will discuss your needs and make it our priority to fulfill them. All this and much more at a low affordable price.

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