With the paradigm shift with smart phones, iDesignSmart offers custom layouts and Mobile Web Design for websites that are Smart Phone friendly. We design for Phones and Tablets for a wide range of platforms like the IPad and Nexus. We also offer Native phone app development for leading platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. Contact us today !  With increasing number of smartphone and tablet users, the best way to engage new clients is having a persuasive mobile website that is written specially for their platform.

How are Mobile websites any special or different ?

Mobile Websites are written specially for the Mobile phones and tablets. Their layout is optimized for mobile browsers that result in faster load times, seem less scrolling, a slick users interface and superior navigation. Our tip to you is “Just focus on the content and leave the rest to us”. We will make sure that your website loads fast, has great navigation and provides the best User Interface.

Do I need a Mobile Site ?

We believe that every small business needs a mobile website. The reason is increasing number of consumers with a variety of devices. Your small business needs web presence more than ever to increase visibility to your clients. At IDesignSmart, we use custom CSS3 based tricks to format your website into a mobile compatible version. This works great on the iPhone, iPad, Nexus, Android phones, Microsoft Surface Tablets and Windows Phones. We would be happy to do a demo page for you, and go from there if you feel interested.

Do I need to Pay Extra For Mobile ?

If you hire us to do your website, we will throw a mobile version for free. A Sleek looking website with modern User Interface at a fraction of a cost to any Atlanta based Website Design Company.

Cross platform and Search Engine Optimized

Due to the variety in mobile devices of today, some new ones come up in the market everyday. Our Mobile design would be compatible with all well known platforms. Special SEO Mechanisms are in place in all our mobile work to give you the most Search Engine friendly site. You will see the difference in terms of your web clients and lead conversions.

What screen size and Resolution do we need to build the Mobile Website for ?

We do not hard-code screen sizes and resolutions. Our designs are flexible and use the latest and greatest tools like HTML5, CSS3, and client scripting to adjust the screen for the platform or device it is running on

I want to discuss my Mobile Requirement Personally

No problem ! If you are in Atlanta or in the Atlanta Metro Area we would be happy to sit with you, discuss your requirement, show you what we got and give you a close ball park estimate of cost and time. Our goal is to provide the best web design and mobile website design to Atlanta and our Community at most affordable rates.

What about Mobile Apps ?

We have another section that talks about Mobile Apps. Check it out now !