Improve Your Web Presence with some SEO techniques

Here are the things that you need to know

Although each small business is unique and we design customized websites and select unique web design based on your requirement, a lot of what we do is to follow guidelines from leading search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. We provide personal consultation in person without any cost or obligation to our Atlanta based customers. We stand behind our SEO work and our mission is to become the best SEO Expert, Professional and affordable Web Design and Search Engine Friendly Mobile Web design provider for Small Businesses in Atlanta. This page provides seo and marketing strategies in a step by step fasion.

Our process for Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Optimization is extensive and compliant with Google and Bing guidelines. We DO NOT GUARANTEE a first page result and we DO NOT make fake promises. Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process and your website should be very well written with quality content that provides value to its viewers. We don’t believe in tricking search engines but make it easier for them to quickly index your site by following all the best practices. You will see the results for yourself ! Here is an overview of our SEO and marketing strategies:

Write a Well Designed Website, Use HTML Compression to reduce load times:

It is very essential that the website uses good design principles and is easy to read and pleasing to the eye. You can think of Search Bots as “Somewhat Human” . They do not like stuff that is difficult to read. It also reflects in visitors quickly leaving your site that indicates that something is not correct about your website. Search Engine Crawlers for sure can guess if a website is poorly designed, has broken internal links or html elements. Also be careful while using javascript so it is cross browser compliant.Make sure that the Load Time of Your Website is less than the average Load Time. A lot of developers like to write html that has extensive comments and well indented. We are all for it, but once the site is complete and functional removing all that space means less download for the client resulting in a faster User Experience. At IDesignsmart, we believe Load Time is super important for retaining a visitor. This is one of the important SEO and Marketing Strategies.

Keyword Generation:

This is a very important aspect when it comes to marketing and search engine optimization. What are the Search Engine Terms that you want to optimize your site for ? Any small business or blog owner should ask themselves what really is the website about ? What are the keywords that should result in Search Engines displaying my website ? The content of the website has to be designed around the keywords. You should use keywords in your content without flooding your content with keywords. They keywords should be properly used with the right density in your content. It is a good practice to use keywords near the top of your content posts and pages. Never use keywords in hidden html elements, Search Engines might issue a penalty in the form of a decreased ranking.

Decide on proper URLS:

A huge part of optimizing your website is making search engine friendly URLs for your pages. Search engines do not like too many parameters passed in the url. It is a good practice that we follow at IDesignSmart to make our pages URL Search Engine Friendly. Permalinks are a great way to adjust the default WordPress setting for WordPress based websites.

Write Great Titles:

Title of a web page is very essential for any Search Engine. It is a good idea to use target keywords in the Title. Also a Title should reflect the intent of the page. It should not be too long or too short but describe what the page is about in a concise way.

Provide Meta Data to Search Engines Using Meta Tags:

Although you might have heard that Google ignores the meta tags for keywords and description. But their guidelines do suggest that appropriate keywords should be used and a well defined meta tag for keywords and description is helpful. The keywords should be carefully picked so they are reflective of the content. At IDesignsmart we have automated software as well as we carefully analyze the content to define the right keywords tag for each page. We also provide consulting for WordPress Search Engine Optimization with SEO plugins that offer all in one SEO advantages. Description tag is pretty important since those are the two lines that are being displayed with the Search Engine Results. It should also be carefully designed to summarize the contents of the page with the right density of keywords. Again one of the very important SEO and Marketing Strategies. You might get on the google results page but to convert leads to customers you need great and relavant data and meta data for your pages.

Links Quality Vs Quantity:

Often time you will hear that Search Engines use external links in their page rank algorithms. More links you have the higher search engines will rate you. This might be true partially. Reading the Google and Bing guidelines in detail it seems like Link Quality is far more important than link quantity. Make sure that you stay away from Link Building sites and companies that offer to spam links by mass posting. If you are doing this you will definitely see the decrease in your page rank as Search Engines will penalize your entry. On the other hand try to build good links with quality websites that are legitimate and provide quality content.  Quality links definitely will give you an edge over competition as far as SEO and Marking Strategies are concerned !

Optimize your images for Search Engines:

Images are an essential component of any website. Proper use of images not only enhances the look and feel of your website but can also be used effectively in context of your content to describe to search engines what a page is really about. First thing with images is always optimize the image for size. Since Image formats can be tricky using a format that is large (like .bmp) will result in a slower website and cause the load time to increase. After size the file name is important. We always try to organize the images in a single directory so all the images can be easily assigned using relative paths. The name of the image should also be reflective of what it really is. Third easy optimization is defining the image using an ALT attribute in your tag.

Social Media Integration:

With a large number of people on the Social Media Networks, it provides a super way to increase visibility to your small business. With features like “Recommend”, “Share”, “Like”, “Retweet”, “Digg”, “Stumble”, “Linked In” etc if used correctly can really enhance and “get the word out there”. Another important factor to note is that most famous Social Media websites have very highly Search Engine Optimized. Integrating this with your website can certainly be a great marketing strategy. At IDesignSmart we offer Social Media Integration Service for your existing website, consultation on how to integrate Social Media with your pages with WordPress and even set up your profiles on the popular Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In. Social Media Integration comes standard with our Web Design Packages. Like this tip ? Like us on facebook 🙂

Location based Search Engine Optimization for Local Listings:

It is a great idea to use “Google Places” and “Bing Local” to set up your small business. First off it is free, many people search locally for service providers. It can really enhance your Search Engine Ranking and increase visibility to your services. In our experience it is great for service providers and contractors like “Water Heater and HVAC repair in Atlanta“. This is important for both SEO and Marketing Strategies by any small business. Also a good way to narrow down the scope of you keywords is to throw in location.

Use Google Web masters and Bing Webmaster tools and submit Sitemaps:

These free tools will help you track how your website is doing in terms of Search Engines. They provide a good account of crawl errors, indexed pages, search queries, keywords and you can fetch any pages as “Search Engine Bot”. Web master tools sometimes can also be used to enhance target marketing for your service e.g. you can specify that a site is relevant to US Consumers, an example of location based optimization if the services you offer are not global. At IDesignsmart, We make it a priority to correct any errors or broken links detected by the tool.

Use Analytics Software to know your visitors:

It is a great idea to use Analytics Software to monitor usage and get an idea of visitor demographics. The key advantage of this is generating quality content for your target audience and providing them service they might be interested in. This marketing technique is very successfully implemented and many localization features have evolved overtime that provide a great, easy and affordable way to optimize your website.

We Offer Search Engine Optimization for Mobile Websites, Desktop websites, free consultation on SEO for wordpress, content analysis Service, Ad Management and help you reach your Small Business Goals. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation on how you can get more out of your small business.