If you are a proud owner of a wordpress website and would like to change certain aspects of your website or wordpress premium theme, we offer an affordable fixed price tweaking service to Tweak WordPress site.

Wordpress Tweaks Atlanta

How “Tweak WordPress site” Service Works ?

Each Tweak will cost $25. That is right. No hourly cost, no hidden costs, quick turnaround time and upfront cost.

1. You contact us by filling out the form below.
2. We respond to your inquiry, accept your assigned task and request your login credentials.
3. We work on the tweak and send you a confirmation.
4. You test out the change so your requirement is met and pay with paypal.

In any of the mentioned steps if there is more information required, we will closely work with you till the task is done. Remember this fixed price “Tweak WordPress Website” service is for ONE AND ONLY ONE TASK.

Note: If your requirement includes more than a single task, we will break it down to a series of tweaks and send it back for confirmation. The total cost would be the number of $ (tweaks X 25)

What Services are Included ?

Our “Tweak WordPress Website” covers a variety of tasks focused towards area that require frequent changes and are quick to do. Here is a list of tasks to consider with a little description:

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Tweak Logo on my WordPress Website:

I was actually surprised on the number of requests I get for tweaking logo on a wordpress website. I decided to make this task a part of our “Tweak WordPress site” service. This typically involves changing the “CSS”, “header.php” or simply adjusting the logo for dimensions and uploading it. Many themes allow Custom CSS to be written to adjust the alignement of the contaner “div” or table for Logo.

Navigation/Menu Adjustment

Another common simple request for our “Tweak WordPress site” service is the adjustment for the menu. Many times Themes are written to preconfigure menus and Blog Archives. We can change the manu, add static pages/posts/blog archives to it and also set redirection using Custom Plugins.

Adjust my sliding Banner:

We have experience with many jquery based sliding banner and slideshow plugins like Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and Nivo Slider.We can add text to your Sliders, Add an image or change the animation style and speed. We can also change the configuration of your slider in terms of delay, effects, transition time, speed and dimensions.

Replace Image on any Page or change its position:

You will need to specify the page where an exisiting image has to be changed, send us the new image and specify whether the image would be left aligned, center aligned or right aligned.

Change Layout to 3 columns on the home page:

If you want to change the look of any page and have a column based layout as opposed to a block of text, we can do that !

Add a Contact Form / Opt-IN form on some page:

Have an Opt-IN form or a subscription form from a 3rd party or a plugin and you want to make it a part of your wordpress website ? We offer this service under the “Tweak WordPress site” umbrella.

Adjust my footer:

Footer is an important component of your website. Why ? Because it is repeated on most pages and can contain vital information. It is important that footer looks good, provides a good look and feel and contains information that will change viewers to customers. We can tweak your wordpress website footer and integrate whatever you need integrated. Text, Images, Videos, Contact form or social media !

Add a new Section on my Homepage for quotes or testimonials:

Many times you would like to display another area on your home page for “quotes”, “testimonials” or may be featured products but your theme does not allow to do that. We can modify your theme to display another section on the homepage as one of the services we offer for “Tweak WordPress site”

Add a Paypal Button on my site:

Many times you wish to integrate a payment mechanism. We can put a donate button on your wordpress site for paypal. Tweak wordpress site service will also inlude your donations or payment button configuration on paypal.

Change my Contact Form:

On of the areas that wordpress does not provide complete control on is the Contact Forms. We can add custom fields in your contact form and change your email addresses for the contact form. We can also integrate anti spam and bot techniques to avoid spam on your wordpress site.

Integrate Google Maps on my Contact Page:

Many times its a good idea for small businesses to put a google map on their site. This enables the flexibility to users for driving directions and a reference point for your business. We offer this as a part of Tweak WordPress site services.

Put Social Media Icons on the home page:

Social Media is an important component for any small business or personal website. With everybody being on social network it has became a very important advertising platform. We can integrate social media icons, sharing toolbars, floating tabs on your website as a part of tweak wordpress site services.
From putting a like box for your facebook page on the sidebar to sharing your tweets in the footer, we have custom icons and plugins to integrate social media to your website. Its a cool Tweak wordpress site service !

SEO Consulting for an Hour:

We will provide state of the art Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks for wordpress. If you have found us through Google you already know the power of search engines. We can give you an hour long consulting session and tell you exactly what you need to RANK UP ! If you hire us to do the job or do it yourself is up to you. This would be the best $25 that you have ever spent !

Performance Optimization:

Slow loading times can hurt your business and also your search engine rankings. We can optimize your website as a Tweak wordpress site service. We can optimize images on a page that is slow, adjust broken CSS and HTML and install Caching Plugins to make it faster and better.

Why Choose IDesignsmart for “Tweak WordPress Website”?

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