Recently I got contacted by the Founder and Owner of SoFlo Domestics. She communicated to me that she needed help with her website. She also sent me the url where new site was being built. It was being built with one of my favorite WordPress themes so I knew that there was a lot that we could do in a relatively small amount of time. She also emphasized that Responsive or mobile view is a top priority and that is something she significantly wants to improve on.

SoFlo Domestic Staffing Agency

SoFlo Domestics is a Florida based Domestic Staffing Company. They offer consulting and work with Potential Employers and Candidates looking for a Job Openings. I took a look at the site and presented my design and layout ideas which were very well appreciated.

You can check out the live site at SoFlo Domestics. At the end of the project we migrated every thing to the live website and took a back up of the existing site and configured SSL.

My Client was kind enough to provide very nice feedback:

Thank you Asad. I had this vision and all these ideas of what I wanted to communicate through my website. You came in and took over a stagnant project which was started by another developer. And within two weeks you brought all my ideas to life. You are truly an expert in your field. I appreciate all the ideas that you provided and I will continue using your services for a longtime. Happy Customer!!!