I recently got contacted by Leanne Hoekstra for her Website http://www.theultimatebabysittingcourse.com/. Leanne is the author of the “The Ultimate Babysitting Course” and wanted “The Ultimate Babysitting Website”. Leanne told me that she would like a warm and fuzzy layout with colors that go well with the subject of the website. It was our intention to use aesthetics on the site that would go well with the design of the cover pages of the book. Leanne also expressed that she would like a logo that goes well with the site.

Leanne described that it is important to integrate the site with Paypal, Social Media and A Weber. She offers free downloads of her Ultimate Babysitting tips on subscription. Also the E Course can be purchased on-line. Needless to say, mobile design and how it looks on modern tablets is super important.

Leanne was kind enough to give me a great review !

A sad is a genius in my eyes. The website he created for me, took him just over 1 week! Incredible! The site is gorgeous, super easy to navigate. All my information is managed together in the site, yet it looks pretty and not at all cluttered. It looks great on my Mac, iPhone & iPad. Asad, created a logo, added Aweber, Facebook, auto responders, PayPal, images, registration charts and so much more! Asad was a pleasure to work with, was super fast and knowledgeable. I will defiantly chose Asad for future projects, thank-you for taking my vision and creating something better!

Leanne Hoekstra


The Ultimate Babysitting Course

For the Ultimate Babysitting we use WordPress Version 4.2, Modal Dialogs using Avada Theme for Newsletters and List Subscription and Paypal “Add to Cart” system for online purchases. Here is how the Website looks like and you can view it live at http://www.theultimatebabysittingcourse.com/

BabySitting Website 1

BabySitting Website 2

Leanne really likes Dr. Seuss and wanted to have Dr. Seuss quotes on some key pages. Here are the pages:

BabySitting Website 4

BabySitting Website 3

The Responsive View

BabySitting Website Responsive 1

BabySitting Website Responsive 2

How does it look on the IPAD?

BabySitting Website Responsive 3