Recently I got contacted by Theresa Hubbard and she discussed with me the requirements of a new website Initially Theresa was very interested in WordPress Theme Avada as she watched one of my videos on youtube that talked about various aspects of customization for Theme Avada. Theresa already had a copy and I offered to create a mockup based on the requirement and some of the input I got from her.

After Looking at the Mockup, Theresa had a change of heart and expressed to me that she really does like the look and feel of her existing html website and would like to keep that for the new site if possible. I looked at the existing site and communicated that we will require pretty much a custom theme to build the site but I can do it. Theresa was very easy to work with and it was very nice to work with her on this project.

I worked on the theme and customized it as she wanted. The site is live at Theresa was thrilled to look at the end result and was kind enough to give me a super nice review as well. Here are few screenshots from the site.

A sad just completed my website and my experience with him was the best I have ever had working with web design. I have attempted to work with other designers and always struggled with the lack of follow through. Asad is very professional. He is a man of his word and delivered a clean and well designed material. He is easy to work with, responsive, and takes into account my needs throughout the process. I am so happy that I found Asad and for the work he put into creating a custom design around a WorkPress template. Thank you again!

Theresa Hubbard


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