WordPress Landing Page Tips and Tricks

In this post I will share what I have learned in my studies about how to create effective landing pages. Since I do all my web design work with WordPress and Popular WordPress Themes on Envato Studio, I will use it as reference. So lets jump straight into this thing as I do not like to beat about the bush. Let me share the best WordPress Landing Page Tips with you which will help you with the design of your page and conversion.

Just the right Attention Ratio – Reduce Clutter

Landing Pages go hand in hand with Advertisement Campaigns. These days small business owners like to advertise on Social Media a lot. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are cost effective solutions. They are highly effective because you can target the audience where your advertising dollars will be spent. With Parameters like age, ethnicity, location, gender and interests it is highly like that you will present your advertisement to the right audience. For An effective landing page I feel its extremely important to not distract the user and keep things nice, simple and to the point. Focus on the objective of the page and keep it simple. If you want a subscription to a mailing list focus on that and the copy of your content. A Nice visually appealing page will definitely help and lead to higher actions.

Optimize for Speed and Performance

Unlike yourself your audience is not going to spend an eternity on your website. If you can grab their attention that leads to an action (Like filling out a form, join the list, like your page) or whatever you want to do in the first 5 seconds chances are that your page will do better. To create an optimized page avoid design bells and whistles like Video Backgrounds, big art work or anything that takes time to load. Many times third party forms and plugins will slow the page down. Remember a better performing page will always convert better.Go with a nice layout and make sure it is as optimized as you can make it.

Add Value for your Customer:

Eventually what do you want from your landing page and why should the customer do what you want them to do. Those are the two key questions that you should ask yourself. If there is no benefit for the customer to sign up for your mailing list then they will probably not sign up. A Lot of companies offer promotions and Offers as an incentive to sign up for the list. Why is signing up to that list important ? After the sign up you will communicate with your customer and talk about your latest product or service.

Use Social Proof:

It is highly likely that you have purchased a product before based on the positive reviews that others have given it. Why not go with something that people already like and approve. Using the testimonials in the right way or displaying your social media engagements will always help potential new leads convert. Notice them in my sidebar? Even when you are advertising with Social Media you will notice that posts with more engagements will always do better.

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