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IDesignSmart was founded by me with a vision to focus on WordPress Web Design and all our core offerings revolve around WordPress. Welcome to my website. My name is Asad Siddiqi and I am the owner and lead developer at IDesignSmart. I am a Software Engineer by Profession with a focus on Core Programming and Server Side Technologies. I came across WordPress in 2011 and I was fascinated by the ease of using the framework. I literally created a responsive function website in a few hours. It was a wonderful experience and I started exploring more and more about the type of things this framework supports.

I have completed more than 200 websites since then and created a number of tutorials on youtube about my favorite tips, tricks and wordpress themes. I have worked with a large number of web development frameworks and there is no doubt that I have found WordPress to be super user friendly, scalable and a very robust framework for small to mid sized websites. On this page I will highlight some of the key WordPress Services that I offer and perform for my clients very frequently.

Leave the Setup to Us!

WordPress Services Atlanta

Hosting is an important aspect of your WordPress Site. It determines what version of software stack is available to you and what tools do you have access to. Most of the small business owners love WordPress but are not very familiar with how to set up WordPress on their Hosting Account. We offer the WordPress set up and installation service where we will do the ground work for you at a nominal charge.

We will set up your WordPress Software and Install your Purchased Theme. Set the theme up with the Demo Content(if applicable) and make it look like their sample demo on Theme Forest. Many times this is all what clients need and they want to take the time to build their own site by themselves. We are very supportive of that and will help you to build your site when you need help. We will be available for consultation on a need basis.

Customized Visual Styles and Brand Identity

Set up and Installation is something anyone with some technology knowledge can do. What sets us apart is the customization aspect and attention to detail. We will make sure that all your requirements are met and we are not limited by technology in any way.We offer totally custom styles and page layouts based on your needs.

Beautiful Responsive WordPress Websites that comply with all Standards

Why is conforming to standards important?

WordPress is basically a Content Management System and it has evolved overtime. It started as a blogging platform and soon users started realizing the power and using it as a website building engine. WordPress constantly evolves and you have to be on top of this. Maintaining your website involves installing the latest core software, updating your WordPress theme, Updating the plugins. This keeps the website running as a well oiled machine and enhances its performance.

Conformance to Industry and Web Standards is essential in everything we do. It is important because it impacts many things. Most issues on customer Websites are because of not installing the updates. This happens mostly because customizations in theme are not implemented correctly. The updates get lost when the theme is updated, custom css is not written correctly, conflicting javascript can break your page, Search Engines can demote your rankings or an incorrect redirect can leave you in an infinite loop. We make sure that we do it right the first time and you are aware of all this.

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